Reads School and College’s three tier program is focused on providing a complete academic solution to students. It has the components of lead faculty teaching, the learning facilitator and peerCo tutoring. All of these are monitored closely to ensure that students at Reads School and College are accorded the best academic opportunities to succeed in their academic life.



Reads School and College has the best faculty in town. They are subject Specialists, with teaching experience of many years.



Our learning facilitators are always there to support students learning difficulties. Students are encouraged to sign up for these support classes whenever they feel the need. These facilitators have subject knowledge and teaching pedagogies. It begins with you and ends there too. Your capacity is taken into consideration and the concept is redone to your way of learning....



Reads School and College provides exceptional peer tutoring to its students which in turns empowers the student body. The students have a chance to engage with peers of their own age as they seek to study under a tutor guided program. This program is managed by the student peers themselves who will ensure that their class fellows are at the same level of understanding the basic conceptual framework of different subjects.

O Level Courses

Following is the list of subject groups that we are offering in our Cambridge O Level programmes:

Compulsory Subjects

  • Pakistan Studies
  • Islamiat
  • Urdu
  • English Language
  • Mathematics

Group 1

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics


  • Additional Mathematicst
  • English Literature
  • Sociology

Group 2

  • Computer Science
  • Chemistry
  • Physics


  • Additional Mathematicst
  • Environmental Management
  • English Literature

A Level Courses

A level is designed for students of ages 16 to 19 years to make them skilled for their respective professions that they choosing their futures. Following is the list of Cambridge A level subjects that Reads offers:


Having known all the concepts and terminologies entailed in the subject in O level course, Students along with strengthening their knowledge learns to actually apply those concepts and principles in A level accounting course. Therefore, developing compelling skills in the discipline and unlocking their paths to careers in business, marketing, and auditing fields.


Developing meticulous skills in logical and statistical thinking, Mathematics provides learners with ability to understand any science related field profoundly. Therefore students can pursue many careers afterwards like Actuarial science, finance, computer science,biomathematics,cryptography,and operations research.


The subject teaches business terminologies and concepts in a thoroughgoing manner. Being rigorously taught in business management, finance, planning, marketing, and strategies, learners get a wide range of career opportunities open for them. Pursuing business degree further can lead them to careers such as accountancy, advertising, general management, public relations, investment banking, bank management etc.


As a methodical study of the social world, sociology tells us about the social interaction and relations. Learner will not only develop keen interest in getting to know the society on scientific level but will also have an enthralling career ahead in areas like healthcare, rehabilitation, education, and social work.


Economics is a subject that teaches about the utilization of Resources. The learners develop enormous amount of skills such as critical thinking, reasoning, analyzing, effective communication, and decision making. This wide-ranging subject thus serves as a foundation for several career paths that may stretch from business to professional services or marketing area.


Being a detailed study about behavior and mind, Psychology gives an ability of thinking critically and perceiving thoughts and emotions precisely. Adjoining both science and arts on a single platform, psychology opens up great many career paths for students. These paths may include clinical psychology, educational psychology, counseling in organizations or educational centers, health psychology, neuropsychology, industrial psychology, and human resources.

Computer Science

Giving detailed study of modern technological concepts, Computer science for A-level is designed as a strong foundation for further studies in fields like software engineering and information technology. Getting further training in the above mentioned fields can open many career opportunities for students that may include software development, computer technology, and theoretical computer science.

english Languages

Brimmed with rich literature and intellectual content, the subject focuses on developing individual’s skills of expressing ideas meticulously. Students not only learn correct grammar and vocabulary but also become able to reflect upon their own experiences more effectively. Apart from being essential for further studies in any field, it also has its own specific career if pursued separately ahead. These careers may include English language teaching, magazine journalism, newspaper journalism, editorial assistance, and writing.


Along with teaching its main experimental and practical concepts, Chemistry also put a great emphasis on making learners think critically and develop problem solving skills. Therefore, apart from opening doors in careers related to chemical industries, it also extends career options for learners, to healthcare fields and research industries.


The course contains diverse material and extensive contexts. Through giving exposure to the culture and history of said language, the course aims to produce individuals with fluency in accent and full awareness of expressions of Urdu language. Other than being useful in routine communication, getting highly skilled in this discipline can earn an individual position in teaching or writing sectors.


Being one of the eclectic areas of science, Physics provides learners with an in-depth practical and theoretical knowledge and makes them immensely skilled in critical thinking and problem solution. Physics not only spreads out a range of careers in research area but also becomes route to many diverse areas like aerospace industries, education, defense, healthcare, computing, and technology.

Media Sciences

This includes design, social media, news, film, media history, and media technology. Professionals from many backgrounds often seek media courses, such as journalists, filmographers, photographers, graphic designers, marketing, and advertisers.


Combing through the diversity of natural science, the subject trains learners in a way that enables them to evaluate the concepts related to natural science and analyze things scrupulously. Pursuing the subject ahead can lead learners into becoming biophysicist, biomedical engineering, biochemists, bioinformatics scientists, genetic counselors, microbiologist, zoologist, lecturer, and of course physicians.


This includes design, social media, news, film, media history, and media technology. Professionals from many backgrounds often seek media courses, such as journalists, filmographers, photographers, graphic designers, marketing, and advertisers.


This includes design, social media, news, film, media history, and media technology. Professionals from many backgrounds often seek media courses, such as journalists, filmographers, photographers, graphic designers, marketing, and advertisers.