About Us

Reads believes in turning your dreams into opportunities.Human beings are all different and so are their aspirations. Thus at Reads, we believe in diversity in our teaching and learning approach. We look at you as aspiring writers, designers, planners,economists, thinkers, poets, dancers, engineers, singers, architects,athletes, engineers, doctors,accountants, inventors, creators… leaders in your own chosen fields!


preparing students to lead lives of significance


CEO'S Message

Reads is focused upon the holistic personality building of students. It is a vibrant learning community and we value the unique creativity and passion of each student.

We aspire to have our students strive for the intrinsic worth of knowledge. We work upon nurturing the souls of our students, since knowledge acquisition is a lifelong process our institution is a stepping stone in that direction.

Mustafa Baghpati -



Pegasus symbolizes good heartedness and gentle characteristics. The Realm of Pegasus inculcates the same in its members. Realm of Pegasus works towards empathy and modesty. They stand for equity and tolerance among their peers. It is the core belief that hard work and dedication is the key to achieve success.

Realm of Pegasus inspires, challenges and motivates each member in every aspect of their life. They work hard to achieve their dreams and collective goals. It is their collective conscience that group solidarity is more important than individual goals and what is best for the team works for every individual too.

Freedom and virtue, as the name suggests, is what this team brings to constructive use. Being empathetic towards fellow human beings, and hard work is what mainly connects the members of this Realm.

What could be more wholesome than modesty, dedication towards work and tolerance for each other when making decisions? Pegasus knows quite well that the answer to that is ‘nothing’.Pegasus has defeated many monsters in Greek mythology and at Reads, House Pegasus shall defeat the monsters of illiteracy, superstition and backwardness.



Griffin symbolizes power and protection, it denotes strength and military courage. Thus this House inculcates strengths such as bravery, loyalty, and chivalry. The House of Griffin encourages its members to excel in all areas of school life and community. Togetherness, commitment, nerve and determination are characteristics that the members of this House possess.

They won't back down from a challenge and will do everything to succeed to be a part of this House. The House of Griffin has the formula to achieve success; ‘Perseverance, Respect and Integrity.’

Those who are confident about being determined, daring and chivalrous and aspire to be symbolised as protectors of their learning community will join this House.


Wyvern, a mythical dragon represents power and strength, and so do all the students at Reads, aspiring to join this House.Members of this House work with a strong belief that their power lies in intellect and creativity and it is intellect and creativity which are the defining qualities of any student.

The House of Wyvern aims to create a learning community that encourages students to be inspired through teaching, learning and engagement with the wider society. This House empowers its members to celebrate all the good actions that they do, and encourages students to become great members of not only Reads School and College, but of the whole community as well.

Intense, and united, such a team of students is always ready to face challenges that school life and community throws at them. Members of House Wyvern are armoured with the ability to set the sky as their limit and nothing beyond the stars is their final destination.

Pegasus has defeated many monsters in Greek mythology and at Reads, House Pegasus aims to defeat the monsters of illiteracy, injustice and backwardness.